Home Insurance

Being a home owner means more than owning your dream home, it means dealing with the risks that come with ownership. That includes natural disasters, leaks, burglaries, injuries, and more. Having the right home insurance will provide the protection you need to deal with risks and possible mitigation. Insurance Lamb will customize solutions based on your individual needs at very competitive prices. Our policies will protect you against damage to both structures and belongings.

Auto Insurance

Insurance Lamb provides car insurance that covers your vehicles, weather, animals, vandalism, and much more.

As one of our clients we’ll guide you on selecting the right coverage that meets your unique needs. Our policies are customizable and you can choose what you need to meet your living arrangement. You’ll be comfortable knowing that the Insurance Lamb has provided you and your car with all the protection you need on the road of life.

Home & Auto Insurance

Want to improve your benefits? Then combine your coverage! Insurance Lamb specializes in combining your home and auto insurance. We’ll help you figure out exactly what kind of coverage you need, then provide you with the best options possible. Our combined home and auto insurance policies will help you save money through discounts, guaranteed policies, better customer service and more.

Life Insurance

Life is full of uncertainties, but your life insurance does not have to be one of those. Let us make sure that you have the life insurance plan that is best tailored for your needs and wants. We have many plans to offer and we are always happy to customize our options to your liking.

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