When it comes to bundling home and auto insurance, there can be a lot of questions you may have. “How do I know if it’s right for me?” “What are the benefits of bundling?” “Is it better to deal with one policy or two separate ones?”, etc. Here at Insurance Lamb, we want to help answer all of these specific questions for you. In the meantime though, let’s try to break it down for you in a bit of a general sense.

One of the biggest advantages of bundling is that you only have to deal with one insurance carrier. This means you only have one renewal date to remember and, in theory, would make it easier for you to manage your policy. Bundling your car and homeowners/renters insurance policy can afford you the convenience of being able to avoid coverage gaps, which is always a very advantageous opportunity for you to take advantage of. Although the most common bundled insurance policy is the triangle that includes life, auto, and home, most carriers will have special policies just for auto and homeowners/renters.

You always want to be sure to check with your insurance provider if you qualify for other discounts. With most carriers, the more policies you add, the more you could potentially save.

Many insurance companies also tend to offer a reduced premium for bundling your insurances. Some insurers will even offer savings on deductibles, as well. It is always in the best interest of the client to do some shopping around to see what various insurances have to offer for them. This is really the only way to know if you are actually getting what is best for you and your coverage needs.

In the very near future Insurance Lamb hopes to be working with you to find your the best bundling option for your specific needs. We know that all bundles are not one-size-fits-all. We also know that sometimes separate policies are more appropriate than some bundles. We want to give you the added flexibility of finding the best rate, individually, instead of just the best combined rate. We want to offer you greater savings and convenience.